BGR Rush Burner

The BGR Rush Burner package is designed to provide an all-in-one combustion solution for tank heaters, free water knockouts, boilers, line heaters, de-hys, and treaters.

The pre-assembled package integrates a BGR flame arrestor, fuel valve train, ACL burner management controller, and an ACL high efficiency burner assembly.  All BGR Rush Burners comply with all CSA B149.3 standards. The BGR Rush Burner systems are fully leak and function tested (with any pressure switches pre-set) and increase operator safety and drastically reduces installation time, resulting in significant cost savings. The BGR flame arrestor is classified as Group D (IIA), promoting optimal fuel to air ratio, clean air supply, and lower noise pollution.

Available Canadian models: Rush 500, Rush 1000, Rush 2500, and Rush 5000.

Available US models: Rush 500, Rush 1000, Rush 2000, Rush 3000, and Rush 5000.

(model numbers indicate BTU of heater: 500 = 500,000 BTU, 1000 = 1M BTU, 2000 = 2M BTU, etc.)

Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada
International Standards Organization
Contractor and Supplier Management
Protection of Human and Environment Well-Being
Canadian Welding Bureau
Product Testing and Certification



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